22nd Mega International Business & Research Event – INBUSH ERA 2022 has been organized by Amity University Noida & Greater Noida

The 22nd INBUSH ERA International Research and Business Mega Event, was organized from February 23 to 25, 2022 with the theme: “Nurturing People, Purpose, Partnerships, Planet & Performances for Creating Sustainable World-Class Organizations”. The event was attended by presidents of the top universities, legislators, business leaders, scientists and researchers. Among them are Professor Andrew D. Hamilton, President of NYU, Professor Srikant Datar of Harvard Business School, Professor Mike Hinchey of IEEE, Professor Pradeep K. Khosla of the University of California, Dr. Julia Christensen Hughes, Mr. Sabeer Bhatia from ShowReel, Ms. Arundhati Bhattacharya from Salesforce, Dr. Sam Pitroda – Former Chairman of the National Knowledge Commission, Mr. Ben Smith from Chelsea Football Club UK, Prof. Nick Petford from Northampton University , Prof. Ian Greer of Queens University and many more.


The event was opened by Amity Leader and Founder, Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan, together with the Chancellor of the University: Dr. Atul Chauhan, Dr. Aseem Chauhan, Chancellor of Amity University in Rajasthan, and Professor (Dr.) Gurinder Singh, Vice-Chancellor of the Friendship Universities group. During the event, Prof. (Dr.) Gurinder Singh emphasized that at Amity, students are encouraged to dream big and work to bring about constructive change in society. Dr. Singh also noted that over 800 research papers will be presented during the three-day Summit.

The first day of INBUSH focused on the theme Focus UK: “Fostering Indo-British Cooperation – Post BREXIT”, and Focus Canada “Explore, Educate and Experiment: Strengthening Indo-Canadian Relations”. They participated in a panel discussion of leaders from different domains.

The second day focused on leading Australian academics, diplomats and corporate leaders, followed by a panel discussion on “Women in the Workplace: Building and Fostering an Equitable Workplace”. Ms. Pooja Chauhan: President of the Amity Humanity Foundation chaired this session. The second day had as its theme FOCUS GERMANY: “Strengthening Indo-German Relations by Fostering People, Policies and Possibilities towards the New Academic Alliance”, where business leaders from Germany participated. On the second day, Professor Andrew D. Hamilton, president of New York University, received an honorary doctorate from the president of the university. In addition, the second day was dedicated to research exercises, Amity’s Greater Noida Campus hosted a conference technically co-sponsored by the IEEE, where around 150 research papers were discussed. During this segment, the chair of the sponsoring agency, IEEE Uttar Pradesh Section Chair: Professor Satish Kumar Singh congratulated and encouraged the authors for his work. Likewise, a Global Case Study Contest was held and the best cases were presented to all the visitors present at this Campus. The best research cases and articles were sponsored by the PhD Chamber of Commerce. During the occasion, more than 500 cases and research papers were presented.


On the third day, during the farewell session, Dr. Julia Christensen Hughes, president of Yorkville University, was the guest of the day and announced a partnership with Amity University. Prof. (Dr.) Gurinder Singh, in his farewell address, elaborated on INBUSH’s journey over the last 22 years. He quoted his practiced quote “together we can change.” Dr. Singh mentioned various collaborations with leading universities, research initiatives, and outcomes of INBUSH 2022. Dr. Singh thanked all the diplomats, business leaders, scholars, academics, and other dignitaries for his participation in this mega-event.

Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan blessed and congratulated all the organizers for the successful realization of this mega-event. Dr. Chauhan said that he has a vision to make Amity the best educational group in the world and make India the superpower in the world of education. Dr. Chauhan also announced Amity’s presence in Canada.

The Chancellor, Dr. Atul Chauhan, in his farewell speech, said that the 22nd edition of this event shows the long journey of Amity and INBUSH. He added that the young generation has high responsibilities on their shoulders to make progress for the society and the country. Values-based education will make them successful in life. The foreign minister said that the result of said meeting in INBUSH is unique and everyone will benefit equally. He congratulated the organizing team for the mega event.

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