Founded in 2015, My Nation News is India’s leading news portal owned by MN1 Broadcasting and Publication Private Limited with the aim of reaching millions of readers around the world. We provide proven and reliable news to our readers around the world.

MN1 Broadcasting and Publication Private Limited is the largest local to national digital media organization in the country. Our national flagship brand is at the center of the network, surrounded by hundreds of local media properties that report on the stories and cultural moments happening across India and in our communities.

It has taken a prominent position in the web market and has progressed rapidly to capture the top spot. We also cling to the tree of journalistic ethics by serving fresh news on a platter of absolute authenticity and our comments stand only as a guard so that all users of our portal do not deviate from the truth.

Our news people respond quickly to any event by collecting first-hand data. Personal interviews with people concerned about this event or incident reinforce the information fabric, not to mention that our questionnaires are very productive.

We are updating the news promptly and quickly, keeping network users up-to-date with the latest news covering a wide area in politics, sports, entertainment, health, books, business and others.

We provide a platform for viewers as the most respected and trusted source of news and information. Our news portal has been designed in the most convenient way to locate the desired news instantly. Nowadays it is becoming the most popular internet media web portal for both English and Hindi news.

We as a group has strong presence throughout India. We have a corporate office in Noida. MN1 Broadcasting & Publication Private Limited runs and maintains 4 websites as detailed below: