Agriculture Budget: Family and relationships but, a good deed pays well

Agriculture Budget: When union government went for direct benefit transfer (DBT), it might not have a thought for this never before kind of an emergency.

By P. Krishna

Agriculture Budget: An urban local body issue, an issue where state governments should consult with union. It reminds me of family drama relates to Indian idiot box, but what appears is not always real.

Sometimes what your mom suggest, encapsulates your judgement. If dad gives you Rs. 100  to buy groceries he never ask you to save Rs. 10, in case of emergency. But, it’s your sense to prove yourself saves you those Rs. 10.

When union government went for direct benefit transfer (DBT), it might not have a thought for this never before kind of an emergency. A good child saved it’s money as believed! A scheme like operation green for potato, Tomato and potatoes also some dairy, fishery, herbal and medicinal cultivation? Aren’t they the schemes union government already suggested in budget? Yep a good child saved those Rs. 10.

It’s nevertheless a fact that union governments decision of push and pull approach during this period had given it a chance to become, savior. During lockdown farmers of India (actually those who made it) got best price realisation in market. A very small farmer seeks farm labourer for timely cultivation, but states like Uttar Pradesh were lucky when it came to cultivation.

Those who responded early, had better results. Those who were begging will have to be like child who use to play victim card in family. But, dad sometimes prove to be more smart, Indian premier had his own chances to be a good dad. His budget announcements were helpful and aunt is still trying to adjust the budget announcements (finance minister’s relief package for all).

The Kisan Credit Card and and honey production along with herbal or medicinal plant production has been declared as a featured scheme earlier during budget and now during special relief package. Operation Blue was also a good step, but it was already in governments mind and it’s no doubt that India has emerged as global aquatic produce exporter.

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A hefty amount of 1 lakh crore a day after some 2.5 lakh crore extension of moratorium, this is the amount which makes a greedy child break the discipline. Now MGNREGA and decision by very states to adjust labour in it, is a welcome step but government was expected to entitle migrant workers in and as farm labourers. Child gets back home and finds a candy is welcome step in a child’s view.

Not happy are the uncles who were expecting chances of demeaning their cousins but didn’t get the point to score. Many farmer’s union and people were looking to prove the lyutien style of giving ideas aren’t happy. But, it’s judgment day nearing completion, so be safe stick to basics. Every castle needs a foundation to be invincible.


Writer is a well endorsed journalist and specialises in rural agriculture economy along with current and foreign affairs.

(Views expressed are personal and the group does not carry it’s responsibility.)

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