ANAROCK Survey: 41% Women Homebuyers opt for 3BHK, 26% Buying for Investment

According to the latest ANAROCK Consumer Sentiment Survey, real estate is now the preferred investment asset class for 64% of women surveyed. It was 62% in the latest study (2H 2020) and 57% in the pre-Covid survey (2H 2019)

  • 36% of participating women homebuyers prefer 2BHKs – a clear preference trend for bigger spaces
  • 38% of women buyers want to buy homes in city peripheries, 30% will buy within city limits
  • End-use vs. investment ratio in the latest survey (H2 2021) is 74:26 (it was 82:18 in the year-ago survey) suggests improving investment sentiment
  • 67% of respondent women home seekers will buy mid & premium segment housing (INR 45 lakh – INR 1.5 Cr)
  • For 64% of women participating in the survey, Indian real estate is the preferred investment asset class; 62% in H2 2020 survey
  • 79% of women respondents prefer ready homes or properties within 6 months’ completion

Mumbai: Women are emerging in greater numbers as key decision makers for home purchases. Over the years, an increasing number of Indian women have made independent and individual investments in the real estate market. According to the latest ANAROCK Consumer Sentiment Survey , real estate is now the preferred investment asset class for 64% of women surveyed. It was 62% in the latest study (2H 2020) and 57% in the pre-Covid survey (2H 2019).

3BHK are the most favored configurations for approx. 41% of female respondents, followed by 36% of female home seekers who voted for 2BHK. At least 11% are looking for homes of 4BHK or larger.

Anuj Puri
           Anuj Puri

Anuj Puri, Chairman of ANAROCK Group, says: “While women have traditionally always been an integral part of the home buying process for Indian families, the trend of women as independent buyers and investors with a choice is a more recent phenomenon. Women’s affinity with homebuying has increased markedly since the pandemic: from 57% of the vote in the pre-COVID-19 survey to almost 64% in the current edition. Now, we see that the pandemic has also influenced their property preferences.”

There has also been an increase in the number of women looking for real estate from an investment perspective. Of the total number of women surveyed looking to buy houses, approx. 26% stated that investment was their main motivator, while 74% had an end-user perspective. By contrast, a year ago, the same survey showed an end-use to investment ratio of 82:18. Their growing sense of investment is a clear indicator of women’s growing financial independence.”

The ANAROCK survey indicates that more than 38% of participating women looking for housing prefer the peripheries of the city, while 30% will buy homes within the city limits. Only 11% are looking at city centers.

In budget categories, at least 67% of female home seekers will purchase properties in the mid and premium segments (properties priced from INR 45 lakh to INR 1.5 Cr.) Of this, approx. 34% focus on a budget range between INR 90 lakh to INR 1.5 Cr, followed by 33% who prefer houses within the budget range of INR 45 lakh to INR 90 lakh.

In the same survey last year, affordable and mid-tier homes priced within INR 90 lakh were the top choice of participating female home seekers, with almost 66% voting for this budget range.

In addition, there is a marginal 2% increase in demand for ultra-luxury properties priced > INR 2.5 Cr, from 5% in the H2 2020 survey to 7% in the current H2 2021 edition .

A very significant 79% of the women surveyed prefer homes that are ready to move in or properties that will be completed within the next six months. More than 10% of the women surveyed are looking to buy properties in newly launched projects, while another 11% will buy homes in projects that are scheduled to be completed in more than a year.

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