Chellam Sir: Meet Uday Mahesh aka ‘Chellam Sir’ of The Family Man 2

Chellam sir, a retired spy who comes to the rescue of Manoj Bajpayee’s Srikant Tiwari in the final season of spy action thriller “The Family Man,” is now a national fury and the subject of viral memes

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Chellam sir, a retired spy who comes to the rescue of Manoj Bajpayee’s Srikant Tiwari in the final season of spy action thriller “The Family Man,” is now a national fury and the subject of viral memes. Actor Uday Mahesh, who played the former “superconscious” intelligence officer on the Amazon Prime Video series, says he is ready for a spin-off of the beloved character and even retaliation in the upcoming season three.

Popularity for Chellam sir is similar to that of Bob Biswas, an insurance agent by day, Biswas becomes a hitman in 2012’s “Kahaani” starring Vidya Balan. The character will now have a spinoff movie with Abhishek Bachchan.

When asked if he was a supporter of an independent Chellam sir series given the popularity of the character, Mahesh told PTI by phone from Chennai: “If I get an offer like that, I would definitely love to do it. Even for Family Man 3, if they call me, I’ll be willing to do it. ”

The 51-year-old, who is primarily a Tamil film writer and director, said he first auditioned for the role of Dheepan, a Sri Lankan Tamil fighter who uses diplomacy to advance the cause of liberation.

The role was eventually played by Azhagam Perumal.

Two months after the team knew nothing, Mahesh received a callback and was offered the role of Chellam.

Since “The Family Man” was a hit show, the actor said, he wanted to be a part of it.

“So I said yes to the role,” the actor said of his extended cameo.

The show’s creators Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK briefed him on the character, who is now a viral sensation on social media via memes, when they met on set.

“They said that he is a retired spy helping Srikant and that they have worked together in the past. He is a superconscious spy. He was an interesting part. ”

From throwing SIM cards into shopping bags, abruptly hanging up a call, to scolding Srikant for wasting water, Chellam sir is now part of pop culture in the digital age.

In the series, the character seems to give Srikant a breakthrough whenever he encounters an obstacle in his mission, with a meme equating Chellam sir with Google, the internet search engine.

“I liked the role because it had a comic touch. We never thought this was going to be this big, “Mahesh added.

Born and raised in Chennai, the actor has a degree in chemical engineering from Central Polytechnic College.

But he was not interested in studying and wanted to join the Merchant Marine.

“I was unable to join the Merchant Marine due to family pressure. When he was studying at the university, he had a passion for cinema. But he didn’t know how to get into it.

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Around the same time, Mahesh met cinematographer Natarajan Subramaniam, known as Nutty, through a mutual friend.

“Through Nutty, I was able to enter the industry as an assistant director. Little by little, I worked to become a writer and director, “he said.

He made his directorial debut in 2006 with “Naalai,” starring Richard Rishi and Madhumitha, and featured Natraj as an actor. Two years later, they reunited for “Chakkara Viyugam”.

Mahesh also co-wrote Shoojit Sircar’s directorial debut story “Yahaan” (2005) while working with the filmmaker for his production house in Mumbai.

Acting was an accident, said Mahesh, who has since worked on such films as “Kabali” and “Madras Cafe” and the STAR Vijay series “Office.”

Director Naveen wanted me to play the role of Salim bhai, a funny gift, in the 2013 Tamil black comedy “Moodar Koodam.”

“I was reluctant to act. Naveen forced me and I finally said yes. I wanted to be known as a screenwriter and director, not as an actor. There are so many great players in the industry, I’m comparatively nothing, “Mahesh said.

When “Madras Cafe” happened, also directed by Sircar in which Mahesh played an intelligence officer, he was helping the director choose the film in Kochi.

“Shoojit offered me a small character in ‘Madras Cafe‘ and I couldn’t refuse because he was sharing screen space with John Abraham.”

Working with Manoj Bajpayee on the series was “a pleasure and an honor,” Mahesh said.

After the success of “The Family Man”, the actor said that if a good character is presented to him, he will “definitely” take it.

“But I’m interested in writing and directing,” he added.

Next, Mahesh hopes to direct a film in Tamil.

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