Cognizant 21%, Accenture 17% employees resigned in 90 days; attrition at record high

The attrition rate in India’s top IT companies, Cognizant, Accenture, Infosys, etc. it is now at its highest point. One of the main reasons for this is the increasing demand for IT professionals. For example, the attrition rate at Accenture is now 17% in the third quarter, down from 11% in the same quarter last year.

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Accenture, Cognizant, Infosys, Wipro have the highest attrition rates in history. There is reportedly a high demand for IT and technology professionals, so there is an increase in the churn rate at major IT companies like Cognizant, Accenture, Infosys and Wipro etc. In the January-March quarter of fiscal 2021, the attrition rate at Cognizant is at an all-time high, 21%, which was 19% in the same quarter last year.

While Bengaluru-based IT company Infosys has posted a higher churn rate of 15.2% in the January-March quarter. Infosys is also the second largest IT company in India. This was followed by the third largest IT company, Wipro, which posted a 12.1% churn in the fourth quarter.

Attrition Rate At TCS Lesser Than Others

Then there’s TCS, which has a fairly low attrition rate compared to its counterparts in previous quarters. In the fourth quarter, that is, the January-March 2021 financial quarter, TCS posted a 7.2% attrition rate.

According to Julie Sweet, CEO of Accenture, “We are proud to announce outstanding financial results for the second quarter of fiscal 21 and our return to pre-COVID financial results a quarter earlier than we expected and with a difficult comparison.”

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She also confirmed that there is a high demand for tech professionals, so the employee attrition rate has returned to the same as it was before the pandemic hit the country.

While Brian Humphries, CEO of Cognizant, has said that the employee attrition rate is a major concern for the company, which is 21% compared to 19% in the previous quarter. He also confirmed that this is the highest rate among the major IT organizations.

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