Corona Symptoms: If any Covid Positive gets in Touch..

New Delhi. (Corona Symptoms) The number of coronavirus infections in the country is increasing day by day. More than four lakh new corona-infected patients are being found every day for the last several days, while more than 4,000 people on daily average have died. If we talk in the last one week, more than 20 lakh newly infected patients have been found in the country and more than 22 thousand people have died. This can be gauged by how frightening the situation is. Since the virus has now spread from village to village, people need to take maximum precautions in this situation.

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It is important to be cautious on what kind of Corona symptoms observed …
A number of different symptoms of coronavirus are occurring, but at present, cases of infection are increasing very rapidly. If you have any symptoms in such situations, take it seriously. At the moment, it is not necessary that symptom is only fever o cold. Diarrhea, headache, body pain are also its symptoms. In many cases people’s eyes are also turning red.

How to overcome the weakness that occurs after Covid…
Right now many people are facing weakness problem. Such people should not exercise much because it has been seen many times that the youth immediately start doing heavy exercises, which increases the chances of stroke, attack, etc. very much. Vitamin-B, Vitamin-C, Vitamin-D, Zinc can be taken to remove weakness. Apart from this, taking milk, cheese i.e. protein can be beneficial, however reduce sugar.

What to do after coming in contact with a corona positive person…
Most people become infected when they come in contact with any corona positive person. This is only because the person may not have worn the mask properly or social distancing has not been followed or the hands are not properly sanitized. If such people are prone to infection, isolate themselves immediately and if fever is coming then paracetamol can be taken. If Corona symptoms increase, such as diarrhea or difficulty breathing, must contact a doctor.

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When to get a vaccine dose …
If no vaccine dose has been taken and corona infection found, then such people should take the first dose at least one and a half months after recovery. Both doses will be done in three or four months. Others come who have become infected with the corona a few days after taking the first dose, such people may forget the date of the first dose and remember the date of corona positve. A second dose should be taken two months after the corona is found.

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