Coronavirus Update: 5 million cases of Covid-19 now records globally

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Coronavirus Update: Worldwide coronavirus infection now crosses more than 5 million and death toll more than 325,000 globally affecting 213 countries and territories and 2 international conveyances


By Mayank Shukla

Coronavirus Update: Worldwide coronavirus infection now crossed more than 5 million people, a milestone reached just five months after it first case reported in Chinese city of Wuhan. The disease has killed more than 325,000 people globally. The coronavirus COVID-19 is affecting 213 countries and territories around the world and 2 international conveyances.

The U.S. now has the most cases officially recorded globally with more than 1.5 million cases and death toll with almost 100,000. After U.S. Russia reported the second highest coronavirus cases with more than 300,000 where death toll with almost 3,000. Spain and Brazil are the 3rd and 4th number respectively with more than 270,000 coronavirus cases in the list of list of highest coronavirus infected countries. Death toll to near 28,000 in Spain and 18,000 in Brazil. UK at number 5 with almost 248,000 coronavirus cases reported more than 35,000 death by coronavirus disease the second highest death followed by U.S. Italy with more than 32,000 coronavirus death reports the 3rd highest coronavirus death followed by US and UK at number 6 for 226,699 coronavirus cases reported.

France (Coronavirus cases 180,809 and death 28022), Germany (Coronavirus cases 177,827 and death 8,193), Turkey (Coronavirus cases 151,615 and death 4,199), Iran (Coronavirus cases 124,603 and death 7,119), India (Coronavirus cases 106,886 and death 3,303)and Peru (Coronavirus cases 99,483 and death 2.914)stands at 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 respectively.

China the origin place of this COVID-19 Coronavirus reports a total of 82,965 cases and death toll to 4,634. First case of Covid-19 Coronavirus was reported at Hubei province in China, 5 months back in November 2019. On December 27 2019, Dr. Zhang Jixian – head of the respiratory department at Hubei Provincial Hospital, reported to health officials in China that a novel coronavirus was causing the disease; by that day, it had infected more than 180 individuals.



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