Covid disruption Relief: Haryana grants relief to realtors, CLU users

Covid disruption Relief: In big relief to the real estate industry and the change in land use permit holders (ULC) and businessmen affected by the disruption caused by the second wave of Covid-19, the Haryana Cabinet approved to address the period of the April 1 to May 31 as “zero period”.

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Covid disruption Relief: From providing assistance to the real estate and other industries, creating a new department of motor vehicles, to challenging traffic law violators, allowing the registration of transportation vehicles at the dealership end, and increasing the old-age pension, the Haryana’s cabinet led by Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar approved a large number of measures on Tuesday.

In big relief (Covid disruption Relief) to the real estate industry and the change in land use permit holders (ULC) and businessmen affected by the disruption caused by the second wave of Covid-19, the Cabinet approved to treat the period from April 1 to May 31 as “zero period” for the purposes of interest on the payment of the license renewal fee in the delayed period, the presentation of a new bank guarantee on account of the granting of the license and interest (criminal ) on the payment of the delivery of external development works (EDC), the state infrastructure development charges (SIDC) during this period, letter of intent / permits / approval of the construction plan / extension of permits and licenses of CLU and license renewal and related compliance.

This is in line with various relief measures granted by the Center for various sectors of the economy.

The colonizers have also been granted an interest exemption on outstanding quotas and for compliance with specified deadlines. “Settlers will pass on the corresponding benefits to their beneficiaries to ensure that the difficulties faced by end users are also mitigated to that extent,” said a government spokesman.

The Cabinet also decided to notify the GST reimbursement plan in Covid-related articles. The Department of Taxes and Consumption will administer the scheme that will remain in effect until June 30. “The move would certainly encourage efforts and further facilitate the donation of such items by reimbursing the GST, if any, already paid for in said Covid related items. In view of the increase in Covid-19 cases, Haryana faced an acute shortage of liquid medical oxygen and other health equipment such as ventilators, medicines, etc. A large number of companies, NGOs and individuals are coming forward to assist the state government in its efforts to increase health infrastructure and equipment by donating such material to medical facilities, ”the spokesperson said.

“GST reimbursement will be subject to the following conditions that such Covid-related material will be donated free of charge to the Haryana government, to the hospitals managed by it, or to any hospital / institution that the state government allows to receive such material to through Health and Family Welfare, Department, Government of Haryana. The detailed modalities for GST reimbursement (including the State, Center and IGST) will be determined by the Department of Finance in consultation with the Department of Health and Family Welfare and the Department of Taxes and Consumption, ”added the spokesperson.

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Companies, distributors authorized to register transport vehicles

The Cabinet also decided to launch the fully-built new transportation vehicle registration system through the state dealers. “The decision would make it easier for vehicle owners to register their new fully assembled transport vehicles through the dealer in question. The process will be cashless and faceless. The influx into the registration offices of authorities will be reduced considerably, ”said the government spokesman. According to the decision, “The state government would empower a company, dealer or manufacturer of motor vehicles to carry out the functions with the conditions it deems appropriate with respect to the registration of vehicles in their first sale.”

Dealers will now be able to register these vehicles online, as is currently being done for new non-haulage vehicles.

Over 48.80 lakhs of new personal vehicles have been registered through dealer point registration in the last seven years. Encouraged by its success, the system is now being expanded to fully built transportation vehicles in order to improve the ease of doing business. The applicant will submit the application online along with the required taxes and fees. There will be no offline activity. The registration certificate will be sent to the applicant by the corresponding registration authority through the mail. A direct buyer interface with registration authorities will not be required.

Reconstituted Motor Vehicle Department

The Cabinet decided to reconstitute the Department of Motor Vehicles, granting powers to challenge and aggravate traffic violations.

“Pursuant to the new amended Rules, vide Haryana Motor Vehicles (Amendments) Rules 2021, the officers – namely the Commissioner of Transportation, the Director General / Director of State Transportation, Haryana, the Deputy District Commissioner, the Police Superintendent, Additional Deputy Commissioners, Additional State / Joint Commissioner of Transportation, Additional / Deputy Director, State Transportation, Secretary, Regional Transportation Authority, Subdivision Officer (Civil)-Accumulators Registration Authority (Motors), Magistrate of the City, General Manager, Haryana Roadways, Flying Squad Officer, Traffic Manager, Motor Vehicle Officer (Execution), Motor Vehicle Inspector (Execution), Assistant Secretary, Regional Transportation Authority and Police Officer not below from the rank of ASI have been designated as officers of the Department of Motor Vehicles. These officers of the Department of Vehicle s Motorized vehicles will exercise the powers to challenge various traffic offenses, ”said the government spokesman.

According to the Haryana Motor Vehicle Rules (Amendments) of 2021, “defiant officers of the ASI police department and above the rank of ASI shall also be considered defiant officers outside of municipal cities and towns related to the crime committed. according to the sections mentioned in said act ”.

Strength reduction of HPSC members

Cabinet approved the amendment to the Haryana Public Service Commission (Terms of Service) Regulations, 2018. Under the amendment, the number of HPSC members has been reduced from the current eight to five, in addition to the President, through the Amendment of Regulation 3 of the HPSC Regulation (Conditions of Service), 2018.

Improvement of social security pensions

The Cabinet also approved increasing the rate of pension, allowance and financial assistance in various plans with retroactive effect from April 1, 2021. Financial assistance provided under the Samman Old Age Benefit Plan, Haryana’s pension for Widows and Indigent Women Scheme, Haryana Handicapped The People’s Pension Scheme, Ladli Social Security Grant Scheme, Haryana Grant Scheme for Dwarves, and Haryana Grant Scheme for Eunuchs have increased from Rs. 2,250 to 2,500 rupees per month.

The financial aid awarded to the Indigent Children Plan has also been increased from Rs 1,350 to Rs. 1600 rupees per month and financial assistance given to disabled children who do not attend school has been increased from 1650 rupees to 1950 rupees per month.



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