Covid Impact: Over 30,000 kids Lost Parent due to Covid-19, Child Rights Body Tells SC

Covid Impact: Up to 30,071 children were orphaned, lost a parent or abandoned mainly due to the COVID-19 pandemic according to data submitted by different states as of June 5, the National Commission for the Protection of Children’s Rights (NCPCR) reported on Monday

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New Delhi. (Covid Impact) Up to 30,071 children were orphaned, lost a parent or abandoned mainly due to the COVID-19 pandemic according to data submitted by different states as of June 5, the National Commission for the Protection of Children’s Rights (NCPCR) reported on Monday to the Supreme Court. Of the total, 26,176 children have lost a parent, 3,621 have been orphaned and 274 have been abandoned, according to the NCPCR. The commission further said that state data received regarding children who have lost their mother or father or both parents from April 1, 2020 to June 5, 2021, regardless of the reason for their death (not just the death due to COVID-19), was uploaded to his portal ‘Bal Swaraj’ and compiled by him.

He said Maharashtra has been hit the hardest with 7,084 children orphaned, abandoned or lost their parents mainly to the deadly virus since April 1 last year. In its affidavit filed in the suo motu matter examined by the higher court, the NCPCR said that other states where children are most affected include Uttar Pradesh (3,172), Rajasthan (2,482), Haryana (2,438), Madhya Pradesh ( 2,243), Andhra. Pradesh (2,089), Kerala (2,002), Bihar (1,634) and Odisha (1,073). He said that in Maharashtra of the total of 7,084 children, 6,865 have lost a parent, 217 have been orphaned and two children have been abandoned, while Madhya Pradesh tops the list where 226 have been abandoned.

The NCPCR said that among those affected, there are 15,620 boys, girls (14,447) and transgender (4), with the majority of boys in the 8 to 13-year-old category (11,815). He said that the Covid Impact affected children among the age group 0 to 3 years are 2,902, the group of 4-7 years are 5,107 and those of 14 to 15 years are 4,908. He said that affected children between the ages of 16 and under 18 are 5,339 in number.

The commission clarified that the total data given in this affidavit includes the data already presented to the court up to May 29, which indicated that 9,346 children were abandoned, orphaned or lost their parents, mostly due to the pandemic. of COVID-19 (Covid Impact). He said that the data upload is a continuous process, which is for the identification of the CNCP (Child in Need of Care and Protection) and the monitoring in real time to guarantee the well-being of those children.

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The NCPCR once again noted its concern that it has been receiving many complaints in the last month alleging that there are individuals and private organizations involved in collecting data from these children who claim they want to provide assistance to the children and families. These organizations / individuals are gifting these orphaned children to families for adoption without following the procedure established in the Juvenile Justice Act of 2015, he added.

The law, in addition to establishing an extensive procedure for children who have lost family support or need assistance, also provides for a comprehensive procedure for the adoption of orphaned, abandoned or surrendered children. “Adoption of orphaned / abandoned / surrendered children is legal only after the adoption procedure as stipulated in the Juvenile Justice Act of 2015 is followed and the prescribed authority approves the final adoption order, he said.

The NCPCR said it is also receiving information about the disclosure of children’s identities / information by government authorities to NGOs and private organizations. Furthermore, it is humbly stated that the authorities should take care to ensure that any action they take does not violate Article 74 of the Juvenile Justice Act 2015. It is humbly stated that the aforementioned provision prohibits the disclosure of the identity of children regarding name, school, age, address, etc. This would reveal essential details about the child and could help identify it, she said. The commission requested instructions from all States / UT that any confidential information about children should not be put into the public domain or provided to any person / entity / organization that would make them susceptible to trafficking, abuse, illegal adoption, etc.

It is requested that, unless there is an order / recommendation from the CWC (child welfare committee) to reveal the identity of the child in any way or the same is required for the purpose of sponsorship / financial support / legally free for adoption / restoration / necessary According to the provisions of the JJ Act or any other law, the identity of the child should not be revealed and information related to the children should not be given to any person / entity / organization, he said. The affidavit said the Commission is also concerned to note that various NGOs are seeking monetary support on behalf of children affected by COVID. Taking into account that the Children themselves

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