Daddy Yankee reveals his secret to “eternal youth”

  • Daddy Yankee continues to reap triumphs in his artistic career after more than 20 years of being in the music industry
  • The Puerto Rican musician told what his best kept secret is that his fans and colleagues have always asked him about

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One of the questions that has always disturbed the followers of Daddy Yankee is how despite the passing of the years, he continues to preserve himself as if he were at the beginning of his career. At 45 years old, on February 3 of this year, the ‘Big Boss’ appears much younger than he is, which has made him the protagonist of several memes and jokes on social networks.

That is why before the insistence of many to know what the secret that the Puerto Rican hides for ‘his eternal youth’, he decided to tell through his networks what are those small details that have made a difference in his lifestyle and do that the passing of the years is not a problem for him.


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On his TikTok account , Daddy Yankee published a short fragment of an interview for People in Spanish to put an end to the doubts. “I don’t know, working hard, health from the heart. When they ask me that is health. Not smoking and not drinking for years helped me a lot , ” the artist began by saying about it.

However, although many thought that she was undergoing various cosmetic treatments, expensive plastic surgeries or rigorous eating routines, the truth is that her secret was somewhat simpler. ¨ The only thing I wear is organic extra virgin olive oil ¨, he said.

This was a recommendation she received from a friend from the Middle East who helped her with her dry skin and also constantly protects her skin from the sun to keep her radiant.

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In addition to maintaining his figure and always looking young, Daddy Yankee continues to reap triumphs in his artistic career after more than 20 years of being in the music industry.

His most recent single ‘El Pony ‘ already has more than 36 million views on YouTube with just a month of having released it, which continues to position him as one of the most relevant artists of the urban genre.

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