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Donald Trump Declares He Won Election, And People Had The Funniest Responses.

Swiggy joined the trend, by answering to Donald Trump’s tweet with a funniest tweet

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US President Donald Trump on Monday once again refused to just accept his defeat by Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election. The 74-year-old announced that he had won the election in an exceedingly surprise tweet on Monday – in spite of America media declared Democrat Joe Biden the winner after crossing the necessary 270 electoral votes from the 538-member body.

Donald Trump tweeted, “I WON THE ELECTION!’.

The tweet was flagged off by the social networking web site, – “Multiple sources called  this election differently”.

It was additionally ruthlessly trolled on the microblogging platform, wherever celebrities, brands & other along with each other mocked the president for repeatedly refusing the election.

Mr. Trump’s tweet, that declared the finish with none proof, presently became a supply of ridicule.

Writer Bury A. Williams wrote, “I’m Beyoncé,” joining the trend as individuals shared their wildest dreams as Trump’s tweet, hoping to win Republicans and their dreams of winning the 2020 election.

Food delivery platform Swiggy made fun of it by tweeting veg biryani as India’s national food.

Congress leader Saral Patel announced himself Duke of Cambridge.

while another Twitter users joked that if this tweet was part of a game. Take a look how they responded.

Last week, the media proclaimed Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden the winner of the presidential election, and declared that Donald Trump had lost the presidential election.

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However, Donald Trump repeatedly refused to lose the election, saying that he had committed large electoral fraud while not presenting any proof to support the allegations.