Earthquake hits Delhi NCR, Sonipat Epicenter

Earthquake in Delhi NCR

New Delhi. Late night a light earthquake felt in Delhi NCR at 00:27 AM. Haryana’s Sonipat was the epicenter of the tremor, measuring 3.3 on the richter scale. There is no news recieved for any kind of damage or loss.

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Tremors were felt in Sonipat at 00:27 AM on Monday. The tremor measured 3.3 on the Richter scale. The epicenter of the earthquake was near Kakroi village near Sonipat. The stir took place 14 kilometers below ground level. Apart from Sonipat, people also felt tremor in Panipat, Samalkha, Sampla.

Sachin Tyagi, a resident of Samalkha, said that he felt a sharp movement under the bed late at night. When I came to know the people around, they also felt the vibration. After which it was discovered that it was tremors.

Tremors were also felt around 4 AM on December 2, 2020 magnitude of 2.7 on the Richter and epicenter was Ghaziabad.

Due to the Tremors, there has been an atmosphere of panic among the people, because earthquake tremors have been felt in Delhi many times this year. More than 10 earthquake tremors were felt in Delhi after March and during lockdown.

This year, due to frequent earthquake tremors, people living in Delhi and its surrounding areas are in awe. Also, due to the epicenter of the earthquake near Delhi, there is a fear in the people that it may not be the occurrence of any major event.