#enoughvit: VIT students demand for cancelling exams

  • #enoughvit: Due to mental stress, physical weakness and financial crisis vaused by coronavirus pandemic, students demanded to cancel the exams
  • #enoughvit: University administration is pressurizing students to deposit fees, university also threatening students who are supporting #enoughvit

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New Delhi. #enoughvit By this social media campaign, students studying in Vellore Institute of Technology are demanding to postpone the examinations conducted by the institute. Students have raised this demand on social media apps Twitter and Instagram. To stop this movement of students, the university administration has also threatened the students by holding their degrees and taking strict actions. It is noteworthy that Vellore Institute of Technology has three branches including Vellore, Chennai and Bhopal.

As seeing the current covid situation in the country, most of the students themselves or their family members are corona infected. In such a situation, to what extent is it appropriate for the university to pressurise the students for examination. Whereas the examinations have been postponed by all the institutes in the country. In such a medical emergency situation, the question arises why there is so much pressure on the students of Vellore Institute of Technology? Has the arbitrariness of the university administration become more important than the lives of the students and their family members studying in the institute? The university administration has clarified regarding the demands of the students that the examinations will not be postponed under any circumstances.

The university students are not in good mental condition to appear in examinations as well not stable with physically and financially condition. While the university administration is continuously pressurising these students for appearing in examinations and deposit the full fees.

Students demanded for Cancellation of exams (#enoughvit)
Students told MyNation News that in the current nationwide Covid situation, there are many students who are still infected with Covid or have recovered recently. So all these students are not in position to give the exam. There are a large number of students whose family members are either corona infected or someone has died. Some of the family members are still strugling in ICU. In such a situation most of the students are not in condition for appearing in the exam.

While speaking with our My Nation News team, some of the students raised some serious questions:

1) The lockdown imposed in many states and the possibility of it getting extended is high. This has an impact because, since it is an open book exam so students need to get printouts (lots of material). Even though they can go out to get printouts, the printing shops wouldn’t be open.

2) Keeping in mind the second wave of COVID-19 many of students are either suffering from COVID, or suffering from the after COVID effects. Other than that they also have close relatives such as grandparents, parents, siblings or aunts uncles who are suffering from COVID and they also need to always keep in touch with them.

3) It is tough to concentrate on exams and studies in such situation when they have some demise rituals to attend to (loss of a family member.)

4) The vaccine’s after effects are also causing an impact on studies. What if they had their vaccine appointment during the exams? Do they give their health first preference or these exams? considering the fact that getting appointments in some places is turning out to be a little tough.

5) Since many of the students have lost their family members and relatives and near by one because of 2nd wave of COVID-19. So they are not able to concentrate fully on writing exams or examinations preparations. In this case, VIT costs INR 6,000 per subject for failed subject re-registration.

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One of the student wrote on twitter: “In this pandemic situation, should we fight with the financial, mental and physical stress or should we strive to pass in examinations. Its okay we’ll write exams, if we fail in the exams, we end up paying them 6,000 rupees per paper to write again #enoughvit ..”

Another student tweeted: “Due to this pandemic, things aren’t well at all. Students lost their loved ones. Colleges like Manipal is understanding what a student is going through and have taken necessary steps. Why can’t VIT understand that students are dead mentally?? #enoughvit ..”

On of the Tweet from another student: “In this rough time of the pandemic, we the students of VIT are forced to pay the full tuition fee despite not using any of the campus facilities. Many student parent’s have had a pay cut or loss in business which have created a financial burden of them. So this is #enoughvit ..”

A female student tweeted: ” #enoughvit During this pandemic we’re hoing through a financial crisis. Parents who are in critical conditions are getting treatment in hospitals. The only question I have. Someone who got Covid how can he writes the exam.. mentally? CBSE exams got cancelled..”

One of the student from Unveristy told MyNatyion News that she recently recovered from Covid and her both mental and physical condition is not good, despite this she has been pressurising by university to appear in the exam. This girl has shared her video:

University is pressurising students to pay tuition fees
The students said that on June 8, the university issued a circular, pressuring all the students to deposit the full fees by latest by July 15, 2021. Students say that the families of atmost students are not in a position to take this much finance burden yet. Most of the famillies are facing either salary cut or business loss. In such a situation, to what extent the pressure of depositing fees by the university is justified.

University administration is Theatening Students for Supporting #enoughvit
An audio clip of university administration official is going viral, in which students are being pressurised by the university administration to stop their campaign. The clip shows students threatening to withhold their degrees for not ending #enoughvit movement. Not only this, it is also being said in this audio clip that the names and registration numbers of all the students who have posted on Twitter are being noted. Strict action will be taken on all these by the university administration.

It is clearly audibale that VIT authorities are blackmailing students for raising their voice on Twitter. An audio clip – “Why you are people writing #enoughVIT on twitter? Is it funny? we will hold your degree, will it be funny. We have seen all the tweets on twitter made by students. We have noted all names along with registration numbers.”

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