France’s Macron Slapped on Camera.

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French President Emmanuel Macron was slapped by a by stander, on his trip to southeast France. This incident took place on Tuesday on his second official stop of his nation-wide tour. Macron was seen approaching a barrier to greet this man who choose to slap him instead of shaking his hand. Images which got viral; on social media and those broadcasted on the BFM news channel showed Macron’s bodyguards quickly intervening to control the situation. The two  who were alleged to slap a 43 year old were arrested later, said local officials.

The man who slapped the president and the person who accompanied him are being questioned by the authorities, the regional prefectures said in a statement.

This all took place in the village of Tain-I’Hermitage, located in the Drome region of France. This incident is a serious security breach and overshadows the start of Macron’s nation wide trip. In Macron’s words this trip  was specifically designed to “take the country’s pulse”.

According to prefecture, the president got back to his car at around 1:15 from the high school he had to visit according to the well defined travel plan. But he came out of the car to greet the onlookers who were calling out to him. He went to greet them and that’s where the where incident took place.

The trip was in relation to the next years presidential elections where he has Marine Le Pen as an opponent. According to the polls he has a narrow lead over the latter. This trip which will last for about two months,  is filled with dozens of stops. His motive is to meet his potential voters in person after a hefty year.

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Just a few minutes before he was slapped, Macron was asked by a reporter to comment on a far left leader Jean-Luc-Melenchn who suggested a manipulated election. To which Macron said, “Democratic life needs to calm and respect , from everyone, politicians as well as citizens”


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