‘Friends’ to be available for streaming on HBO Max from next month

• All 10 seasons of the 90’s hit ‘Friends’ will be available to watch on the upcoming streaming platform HBO Max.
• The series will be able to stream when the platform launches on 27 May.
• Initially, the Friends Reunion special series was set to coincide but production has been halted due to the coronovirus epidemic.

All 10 seasons of the 90’s hit ‘Friends’ will be available on the new streaming platform HBO Max from 27 May 2020. The Friends reunion special was to coincide with the entire cast on the original stage set at Warner Bros. Burbank Studios, California. The full range is being made available again. But since social distancing in California has been enforced as a way of preventing the spread of coronovirus, production has been postponed.

Iconic comedy series actors Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer will be back to the show but the way Coronovirus epidemic is halting day-to-day life – shutting down businesses, schools and events worldwide – production was postponed until at least May, meaning that Both special filming and release dates remain undecided.

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Kourtney Cox, who plays Monica Geller in the series, recently admitted she was spending her coronovirus quarantine to see ‘Friends’ for the first time. Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel’s US talk show, via Skype, Cox said: “I decided during this time – people love the show so much – I decided to bi-watch Friends.” She continued: “I have just started season one. it’s really good!” Cox also revealed that despite making the film more than 20 years ago, a lot of material is new to her.

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