ICMR releases new Covid testing guidelines

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has come up with a new set of guidelines for Covid testing, which aims to stop loading existing laboratories as Covid cases continue to grow in the country

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New Delhi. As India is witnessing a rapid rise in Covid-19 coronovirus cases, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has issued new guidelines for Covid testing, referring to the reduction of RT-PCR tests to carry the burden of existing laboratories.


  • If the Rapid Anygden test has identified a patient as a Covid Positive
  • If the RT-PCR test has positively identified a patient once
    If someone has been in isolation in the house for 10 days with fever in the last three days
  • At the time of discharge from hospital
  • If a healthy person has traveled inter-state.
  • The test is currently being carried out in 2,506 laboratories in India and the decision is intended to increase the burden on them as cases are increasing.

ICMR stated, “Currently, laboratories are facing challenges to meet the expected test targets due to exceptional case loads and employees being infected with Covid-19. Given this situation, RT-PCR testing It is imperative to optimize. Increase in access and availability of tests for all citizens of the country simultaneously. ”

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To help weary laboratories, the ICMR has now suggested a rapid antigen test (RAT) for mass detection. It states that RAT should be allowed in government and private health facilities across the country in all cities, towns, schools, colleges and community centers. ICMR has also suggested creating drive-through RAT facilities.

The ICMR states that if a person identified as negative by the Rapid Antigent Test is experiencing symptoms of Kovid, the person should be connected to the RT-PCR test facility.

Vaccine status mandatory

The ICMR states that vaccination status for all individuals tested for Covid-19 should be recorded in the Sample Referral Form (SRF) in the RT-PCR app for individuals tested by RT-PCR and RAT. This information is of critical importance.

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