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International Nurses Day for health workers helping in COVID

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International Nurses Day is a fully dedicated day to honor nurses and celebrated every year on May 12. The International Council of Nurses (ICN) stated to celebrate this day for the first time in 1965. In 1953, Dorothy Sunderland, an American Department of Health, Education and Welfare official, declared President Dwight D. to declare “Nurses Day”. Offered to Eisenhower. He did not approve.

In 1974, May 12 was chosen to celebrate that day as it marks the birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing.

Who was Florence Nightingale?

In addition to being a nurse, Nightingale was a social reformer and a statistician. She came to prominence during the Crimean War for her contribution as a nurse. During the war, she was serving as manager and instructor of nurses and had an important role in organizing care for wounded soldiers in Constantinople. Due to her efforts, nursing gained a favorable reputation and became a symbol of Victorian culture. In 1860, the foundation of modern nursing was laid with the establishment of the Nightingale’s Nursing School at St Thomas’s Hospital in London.

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It was the first secular nursing school in the world which later became part of King’s College London. Because of their pioneering efforts, the Nightingale vows that have been taken by the new nurses, and the Florence Nightingale Medal which is the highest international recognition for nurses, were named in her honor. He also made efforts to improve the health status of all sections of British society, advocated better hunger relief for India, and helped to abolish prostitution laws in Britain, considered harsh for women.

It was only fitting that International Nurses Day was named after the nightingale.

Importance of the day

In 2020 and 2021, we have seen devastation due to the COVID-19 epidemic. In the nearly two years since the pandemic began in 2020, there have been more than 160 million coronovirus cases and more than 3 million deaths worldwide. The epidemic has put more burden on our health infrastructure than ever before. However, despite the horrors of the situation, our health workers – doctors, nurses and others – have been at the forefront of fighting the virus and saving lives. Nurses are the backbone of our health system, putting their lives at risk for months. According to the World Health Organization, despite the importance of our health infrastructure, there is an immediate shortage of nurses worldwide, while more than half are health workers. According to ICN, more than 1.6 million health workers from 34 countries were infected by COVID-19 as of December 31, 2020.

Amidst this backdrop, International Nurses Day 2021 holds great importance for nurses and health workers around the world to express our deepest gratitude. The 2021 theme is Nurses: A Voice to Lead – A Vision for Future Healthcare.

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