Jungle Cruise – movie review already has critical rating

  • Jungle Cruise’s script isn’t very original, but the action scenes, combined with the special effects used, make the film very enjoyable.
  • Good interpretation of the two protagonists and the unpredictability of some sequences.

[avatar user=”Shraddha” size=”thumbnail” align=”left”]By Shraddha Srivastava[/avatar]

One of the most fascinating attractions of Disneyland – Jungle Cruise – is ready to entertain all fans of adventure stories also on the big screen: the homonymous film directed by Jaume Collet-Serra and starring an exceptional duo – Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt – will be out in theaters on July 28 and on Disney + on July 30, but at an additional cost to all subscribers. Jungle Cruise is a fun and exciting ride along the Amazon River. Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt respectively play the joker Captain Frank Wolff and a very determined researcher in his work, Dr. Lily Houghton, an English woman who lives in London and decides to leave for the Amazon rainforest.

It is there that the doctor recruits Frank to guide her along the river with her boat, La Quila: Lily wants to find an ancient tree with extraordinary healing abilities, capable of changing the future of medicine . During the boat trip, the duo, flanked by Lily’s brother, will encounter countless dangers and supernatural forces.

Continuing with the vision of Jungle Cruise , we will also discover many hidden truths that make the film more intriguing as we understand that some situations do not exactly reflect what we think we have seen, but hide curious and unpredictable implications.

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The action sequences are present throughout the film: it is a succession of pure emotions, where the special effects show how much a film can visually grow by adopting a good mix of visual effects, vivid photography, a tight narrative rhythm and the suspense. All this is accompanied by a soundtrack that follows the course of the story: the volume of the sound increases as the dangerous sequences reach their peak , while the music stops in moments of quiet, where communication is the master. among the protagonists.

A communication, that between Captain Frank and Doctor Lily, difficult due to the diversity of their characters: she, a resolute woman, who knows what she wants and does everything possible to get it; he, a lonely man who would like to find his place in the world and to make up for these shortcomings becomes a tourist guide for those who want to discover the Amazon river. As the story takes shape, however, the relationship between the two becomes deeper and more complex, also leading to interesting reflections from a human point of view. Too bad that at least his jokes, the ones that Frank invents to make tourists smile, are not that great.

Outside the jokes
Now the script comes into play, which does not stand out for its originality, even if it offers moments that are nothing short of hilarious thanks to Frank’s jokes. To clarify this concept, it is good to say that it is not so much the sentences themselves that make you laugh, but the reaction to them, both of the secondary characters and of the co-protagonists. Their expressions and their disappointment, especially when it is a child who shows her dismay at such jokes, may surprise you.

To add value to the moments characterized by extreme lightness, used to dampen the tension of the action scenes, is the interpretation of Dwayne Johnson: the actor has not deviated at all from the roles entrusted to him over the years, where the action is at the heart of the story. In Jungle Cruise , however, Johnson gives something more acting level, especially in the comic scenes. We said his jokes aren’t funny and it’s true. We also leave out the fact that some of them are also dated. It is often the way they are said that makes the difference.

In this case, in fact, in addition to the reaction of the characters, what determines the success of the humorous vein of the film is Frank’s conviction in saying it, combined with his indifference towards the answers of tourists regarding these phrases . In the film we see Emily Blunt in a different context than her latest film projects. Thus we discover an actress able to perform acrobatic actions not just, sometimes with some funny implications.

Outside of the jokes, there is a way to explore: landscaped landscaped in every single aspect. However, the film presents stereotyped characters and some dynamics already seen and reviewed in other contexts .

Overall Jungle Cruise is a discreet film, where action is the master, combined with the captivating special effects used to make enemies. The characters are stereotyped and the script does not shine for originality, but the construction of the environments and the enemies of the co-stars is well taken care of. There is no lack of humor, given above all by the reactions to Frank’s jokes and by the interpretation of Dwayne Johnson.

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