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Kangana Ranaut reacted to Aamir Khan’ s divorce

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Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao surprised fans when they announced their separation over the weekend. The couple ended their 15-year marriage and revealed that they had been separated for some time. In response, Kangana Ranaut took to her Instagram story and talked about interracial marriage and parenting. “Once upon a time, in Punjab, most families raised one child as a Hindu and the other as a Sikh. This trend has never been seen among Hindus and Muslims, Sikhs or Muslims, or any other people with Muslim beliefs. It has appeared Among the people, Mr. Aamir Khan “the second divorce I want to know why in marriages of different religions, there are only Muslim children.”

Why can women not continue to believe in Hinduism? As times change, we must change this. This practice is outdated and retrograde.  If in a family, if Hindus, Jains, Buddhists, Sikhs, Radhaswami and Atheists can live together, then why can’t Muslims live together? Why do I have to change my religious beliefs to marry a Muslim? “Kangana Ranaut interrogated.

Despite their separation, Aamir and Kiran revealed that they will continue to raise their son Azad together. The couple said in a statement:” Now we would like to start a new chapter in our lives, he is no longer a couple, but a common father and the family of the other. We started to separate in a planned way some time ago, and now we can easily formalize this arrangement, live separately, and share our lives like a big family at the same time. We are still the faithful parents of our son Azad, and we will take care and raise him together. ”

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Kiran Rao is the assistant director of “Lagaan”, starring Aamir Khan, which is also his first production company. Amir Khan and Kira Rao were married in 2005 and they were married in 2011. Become the parents of Azad who was born through surrogacy.

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