Crop tops for men

Men in Crop Tops – The New Summer Trend.

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Men’s closet is once again ready to welcome crop tops.  Being an integral part of fashion in the 80’s and 90’s when bell bottoms were a thing, crop tops almost vanished from the closet. But it still occupied a special place when it came to  women’s wardrobe. With the onset of 21st century, crop tops started defining gender, they became a sign of womanhood and thus were seen dominating their closet. But it would be wrong to say that crop tops completely eliminated men. Since in fashion shows men were now and then spotted  in these apparels.

Generally, adaption of men’s apparel by a woman is a sign of power. But  moving the other way round  can raise questions on gender identity of a person. The society  was always identified being biased to males when it came to fashion. Celebrities and fashion designers tried hit or miss this time, and were successful to an extent.

In the early 2000s crop tops were mostly associated with the queer. They used it to express their voices. Crop tops were used by  gay pop stars like Lil Nas X, Olley Alexander and Troye Sivan out in the open as a symbol of expression. But were never a part of men’s clothing.

Lil Nas X in a crop top

Though conquering the fashion industry slowly and steadily, crop tops for men is still a vague topic when it comes to Indians. Not many can associate themselves with this clothing style due to their pre-conceived notion on manlihood.

Anvita Sharma, the owner of the fashion label “Two Point Two”, said “Crop tops are trending currently. Be it, men or women, if they know how to style it right, they can pull off the look with ease. I personally would want more men to try crop tops in summer. They are cool and trendy and a bit of skin show doesn’t hurt for men too”. Nitish Arora, a freelance fashion designer, made crop tops for men for his new collection.

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Crop tops can have a great time this year considering the pandemic situations. Once accepted as a conventional fashion, it will be here to stay forever.



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