Newly elected Gram Pradhan booked for Covid Protocol Violation

Newly elected Gram Pradhan in Amethi booked on thursday for violation of Covid protocol and playing hateful music in victory procession

Amethi. A newly elected gram pradhan of gram panchayat Mangra in Amethi district and his four known and fifty unknown companions were booked today (Thursday) by Ramganj police for alleged violation of Covid protocol including administering victory procession with hateful music played in background, police said on Thursday.

Deputy Superintendent Arpit Kapoor told media that newly elected gram pradhan of Mangra Imran Khan has openly violated the corona guidelines and despite bans on victory procession in state he has challenged the law and order.

The procession led by gram pradhan and his motorcycle driven followers was managed on May 4 last supported by a hateful song with typical music “Imran aya hai aur naya Pakistan aya hai” (Imran has come , a new Pakistan has come).

Some of results of recently held tri-level panchayat polls in district had come on May 3 as counting of votes started on May 2 as per schedule set by state electoral commission.

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Police official also said that after receiving the information sub inspector of police station Ramganj Mr. Chandra Has Shukla lodged the FIR against five named accused including gram pradhan Imran and fifty unknown people under sections 153-B, 188, 269, 171 – HIPC and 3 Epidemic Act in police station Ramganj in Amethi district.

This may be especially mentioned that sharp reactions from different sections of society over this development viralled with criticism that such steps by any one is an open challenge to create fearful and hateful atmosphere in the society.

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