North Korea: Kim Jong Un held first public appearance after health rumors

KCNA reported on Saturday about North Korea leader Kim Jong-un’s first public appearance since speculation about his health began last month during cutting the ribbon at the opening of a fertilizer factory.

on Friday, Kim attended an event in Sunchon, near the capital Pyongyang after three weeks of his heealth rumours that the leader of the nuclear-armed nation was seriously ill or possibly dead.

The North Korea leader had not made a public appearance since presiding over the Workers Party Politburo meeting on 11 April, and the next day state media reported that he had inspected the fighter jet.

Korean central news agency Kim reported that at Friday’s event, “all the contestants chanted ‘Harre!’ The report states that he inspected the facility and “provided information about production processes.”

Kim “said with a deep sense” that her grandfather Kim Il Sung and father Kim Jong Il “would be very happy if they heard the news that a modern phosphate fertilizer factory had been built,” he said.

His sister and close advisor Kim Yo Jong were also present, along with other senior officials. Ceremony Photos were not yet released.

Estimates on Kim’s health had risen since her typical show for her grandfather’s birthday on April 15 – the most important day in the country’s political calendar – North’s founder.

His absence garnered a series of unconfirmed reports about his situation, leading to global fears over the North’s nuclear arsenal – and those Kim would succeed were unable to lead.

A top security adviser to South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in said less than a week ago that Kim was “alive and well,” dismissing rumors that he was ill or incapacitated.

Moon Chung-in’s advisor told CNN that Kim had been living in Wonsan – a resort town east of North Korea – since April 13, stating: “No suspicious activity has been detected so far.”

Rumors of ill health

Daily NK, an online media outlet run mostly by North Korean defectors, reported that Kim was undergoing treatment after a cardiac procedure last month.

Citing an undisclosed source inside the country, it said that Kim – who is in her mid-30s – needed immediate treatment due to heavy smoking, obesity and fatigue.

Shortly thereafter, CNN reported that Washington was conducting “intelligence surveillance” that Kim was in “grave danger” after the surgery, quoting an unnamed American official.

US President Donald Trump appeared to confirm that Kim was alive earlier this week. On Friday, Trump declined to comment on the re-emergence of Kim’s report.

People’s previous absence from Kim has led to speculation about his health.

The answer is highly secretive, and is about double its leadership.

Kim’s father and predecessor had been dead for two days before anyone outside the innermost circles of the North Korean leadership was sensible.

In 2014, Kim Jong Un went out of sight for about six weeks before reappearing with a cane.

A few days later, the South’s espionage agency said he underwent surgery to remove a cyst from his ankle.

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