PM Narendra Modi holds a meeting to discuss ways to boost agriculture sector

PM Narendra Modi holds a meeting to discuss ways to boost agriculture sector

PM Narendra Modi held a meeting today to discuss the necessary issues and reforms in the agriculture sector. Special emphasis was laid on reforming agricultural marketing, management of marketable surpluses, access to farmers for institutional credit, and appropriate support of legislation to free up various sectors of agriculture.

The focus of the meeting was on making strategic interventions in the current marketing eco-system and bringing about appropriate reforms in the context of rapid agricultural development. Concessional credit flow to strengthen agricultural infrastructure, special farmer credit card saturation campaign for PM-Kisan beneficiaries and to ensure fair returns to the farmer to facilitate inter-state trade of agricultural produce. one of the important topics of discussion was Developing e-NAM into a platform to enable e-commerce.

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The possibilities of a uniform legal framework in the country were also discussed to create new ways of farming that would spread capital and technology in the agricultural economy. The pros and cons of biotechnological development in crops or increasing productivity and decreasing input costs were also deliberate. The challenges of the Model Land Leasing Act and how to protect the interests of small and marginal farmers were discussed in detail. It was also deliberately thought to make the Essential Commodities Act in line with current times, so that large-scale private investment in post-production agricultural infrastructure would be encouraged and also have a positive impact on commodity derivatives markets.

Technology use in agriculture has the potential to unlock the entire value chain for the benefit of indian farmers. PM Narendra Modi focussed on the spread of technology to the last mile and making our farmers more competitive in the global value chain.

It was decided to further strengthen the role of FPOs to bring livelihood to the agricultural economy, transparency in agricultural trade and to provide maximum benefit to the farmers. The emphasis was again on existing laws governing the market for better price recovery and freedom of choice of farmers.