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Russian President Putin told why he was not giving congratulations to Biden

Russian President Putin told why he was not giving congratulations to Biden
Russian President Vladimir Putin has told why he has not congratulated the newly elected President of America, Joe Biden, on the victory.Vladimir Putin has said that he will wait until the legal battle is decided, then he will congratulate Biden.

In an interview given to Russian TV channel, Putin said that the delay in giving formal greetings would not affect the relationship between Russia and America.

However, there has already been tension in the relations between the two countries.
But President Donald Trump has always praised Putin and he is also accused of seeking help from Russia to become president.
Putin was asked that by not congratulating, is not Putin spoiling the relationship between the two countries?

In response to this question, he said that ‘what is already bad, what will be worse’.

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Putin said, “We have a respectful relationship with both of us. We have a respectful relationship with both outgoing President Trump and newly elected President Joe Biden. We have no problem with anyone. This is a formal matter. We have no hidden agenda.” . I do not think that haste in performing formal ceremonies will improve a bad relationship. ”

Putin said that the leaders of the world who have congratulated are all experienced people and they know what to do.

The Russian President said that last time everyone had congratulated Hillary Clinton but Trump had won.Putin said that he is ready to work with any President of America who has been elected by the people there but it is important to wait till the votes are counted and the domestic political struggle stops.Putin said, “We are ready to work with whichever President of the American people will trust.”

The election was held in the US on November 3. Trump’s rival Joe Biden of the Democratic Party has been declared the winner in the election results.But Trump is not ready to accept this. Trump is claiming that there has been fraud in counting of votes. Counting of votes is still going on in many states.

Biden has received over six million votes from Trump. To win in America, 270 electoral college votes are needed and Biden has got 306 votes.

Despite this, Trump is not accepting his defeat.
Russia’s friend China also kept silence for a long time to congratulate Joe Biden. But China finally congratulated Biden on 13 November.

On November 13, a spokesman for China’s Foreign Ministry said in a very formal language, “We respect the choice of American citizens. China congratulates Biden and Kamala Harris.”

The relationship between China and the United States has been strong in recent times.

Tensions in China and the US over trade, espionage, and the Corono epidemic have at times gone from bad to worse.
When Trump won, Putin immediately offered congratulations, but Biden felt that he might have to wait longer for Putin’s congratulations.

But the matter is not limited only to Russia and China. Biden is yet to receive congratulations from Brazil, Mexico and North Korea.

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Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro is considered a good confidant of Trump.

Biden also spoke of pressuring Brazil to save the Amazon forests in his election campaign.

In such a situation, it is being said that the current Brazilian government may like Biden better than Trump.
At the same time, Mexico’s President Andre Manuel López has said that he will not show haste to congratulate Biden. Lopez also has a good relationship with Trump.

This is when Trump has been very strict about migrants coming from Mexico.

North Korean ruler Kim Jong-un is also silent on congratulating Biden, while in the last election he gave Trump’s immediate congratulations.

It is said about Biden that he will be very strict about China and Russia and will not give any chance that both countries will be overshadowed in the global strategy.

At the same time, it is said about Trump that Russia and China got the chance to emerge in the last four years due to their wrong policies.