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Sunil Grover Talks About Comeback & How He Still Wears Gutthi’s Clothes To Relive The Nostalgia

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We have come bearing uplifting news for all The Kapil Sharma fans. Sunil Grover who played the personality of Gutthi, Rinku Bhabhi and Dr Mashoor Gulati has at last ended his quiet on working with Kapil. Indeed, aren’t overstating however detailing reality.

For the unversed Kapil and Sunil had a terrible aftermath and since the time then the two haven’t cooperated however their fans on numerous occasions pattern the two humorists as they miss their comic planning.

Talking about working with Kapil, Sunil Grover said, “As far as collaborating with Kapil (Sharma) is concerned, why not? If I am offered a great concept, I will take it up.”

Sunil Grover also spoke about his life hurdles and said, “My journey has been full of surprises. If I look back, there have been many hurdles. I have been replaced from shows after shooting for two days, sometimes, I have been rejected outright. These setbacks resulted in self-doubt. Then I shifted gears and did voice-overs for seven to eight years. Once I started to feel somewhat settled, toh acting offers started coming in.”

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In a conversation with ETimes, Sunil Grover revealed how he miss getting ready as a female character and said, “Abhi bhi meri cupboard mein saare suits, sariyaan, blouse aur accessories pade hain (I still have the suits, saris, blouses and accessories in my cupboard). So, whenever I miss my characters, I just go to my cupboard and look at them, aur kabhi kabhi unko bahar nikaalke dhoop bhi lagwa deta hoon (and sometimes I put them out in the sun). Woh mere liye badi prized possessions hai “

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