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The Family Man ‘s Wolf of Wall Street scene was ‘improvised’, and not ‘copied’

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According to Kaustubh Kumar, who played Srikant Tiwari’s boss in The Family Man 2, the Wolf of Wall Street moment in the show was improvised and deliberate, contrary to popular belief.
In The Family Man season 2, actor Kaustubh Kumar, who played Srikant Tiwari’s boss, talked about some of the fan favourite moments.

He talked about how his character channeled Matthew McConaughey’s character from The Wolf of Wall Street in one sequence.

He added in an interview that the scene was slightly trimmed and that he’d done more on set, which was perhaps a little too ‘provocative.’

He told Bollywood Hungama in Hindi, “Just to add an interesting anecdote to this, we had three-four more lines. In that scene in which he makes fun of Srikant’s age, we had expressed this in a more detailed way, but we shortened it. I can’t tell you those lines, because the makers have chosen to not release them, but there were these lines.”

Agreeing that the lines could have been ‘provocative’, he added, “Yeah, little more provocative. We weren’t sure. Even the part at the end wasn’t in the script. I improvised that moment people are saying is copied from The Wolf of Wall Street, as it’s something that the character would do. He’s maybe seen the film, and he gets a new ‘funda’ every time. Because of this improvisation, the lines at the beginning were cut, maybe for time.”

Manoj, according to Kaustubh, was enthusiastic about the improvisation and pushed him to try it out. Kaustubh’s character, a hyper-vigilant CEO, is seen hitting his chest in a sequence similar to McConaughey’s role in the Martin Scorsese picture.

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Season 2 of The Family Man premiered on Amazon Prime Video on June 4 to positive critical and fan responses. At the finale, creators Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK teased a new season, and while they have the idea ready, they’re a little ‘behind’ as they take in comments for season two, both positive and negative.


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