UK government criticized over coronavirus testing claims

Matt Hancock, the UK Government Health Secretary proudly announced that the country had hit an ambitious coronavirus testing target which had been set itself at start of the April month.

Hancock addressed the nation that he was setting the goal of 100,000 daily tests by end of the month as a goal and I was determined to get there. after weeks of criticism on United Kingdom found behind from its European counterparts on testing like Germany.

Today, Hancock said from the same podium that UK had achieved that goal by more than 22,000 tests from set target.

Striking an excited tone, Hancock said: “I knew it was an audacious goal, but we needed an audacious goal.” Critics point out that Target was not the only thing that could be called audacious as it came out of Hancock’s mouth. In numbered numbers, thousands of tests have been sent to members of the public, but not necessarily returned.

Jonathan Ashworth, the shadow health secretary of the opposition Labor Party, has already issued a statement, accusing the government of crunching the numbers. “Raising the test is an important milestone. But many would have expected that 100,000 promises were made to actually complete the test, not just because 39,000 kits were shipped out.”

The issue of the test did not need to become so political.

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When Britain pushed to overturn its March 12 decision to drop mass community testing on 2 April, it did not need to set itself a specific target or a specific time frame. In fact, it is much less likely that any scientific or medical advice would have produced a round number at the end of a month such as 100,000 or a clean date. These promises were based on political choices made by the government and it is perfectly reasonable that critics expected the target to be met.

However, it is also appropriate for critics that the date and number of tests conducted are completely arbitrary and that what really matters is a consistent objective for those tests – such as rolling out a contact tracing program.

So, while the UK government can take pride in its extraordinary extension of testing in such a short period of time – and no one can deny that more testing is a positive thing – it is reasonable that critics are in any way Get any feedback to keep you up. Promise something.