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Everyone wants to be unique but only some dare to travel the road less travelled by. Each one of us have different sets of qualities inbuilt within us. Some passed to us through genes and other absorbed from the surroundings. But we fear showing  our true self to the outer world. Be it our favorite board game or our favorite drink, we always prefer to make a heard choice in order to have a sense of belongingness.

Similar patterns are observed in fashion.  People try to level their fashion choices on the basis of their peer groups. Whether you prefer  flared pants or a denim skirt, somewhere your choice is influenced by the people that surround you. Many try to restrict their creative self just to insure that they fit well in the group. But, hey, we all are different and we all should cherish our individuality. This article is for all those blue diamonds who are ready to level up their fashion irrespective of what people say.

To upgrade your fashion game,  today we are here with a guide to hats. Hats have been a symbol of power and respect in the antient world, especially in Britain. Today they are used as just another fashion accessory. But being  fashion enthusiasts we known that we dress not just to look good but also to feel good. Previously we talked about fashion therapy and how it helps in achieving body positivity. And so for us it’s not just another fashion accessory but a symbol of strength and power.

While selecting a hat one would definitely look for something which not just fulfills it’s motive but also adds to the outfit. And so we are here with five best hat styles, namely Boater, Cowboy, Derby, Gatsby and Visor. Your wardrobe is complete if you have these in it.


Boater is a semi formal  hat with a flat crown, and an elongated brim enhanced by a ribbon. It gives a chic beach vibe and is perfect for summers.

Taking a beach day into consideration, pick a colour ranging from brown to white. Pair it with a maxi dress such that the hat complements the dress. To add to the look  carry a jute hand bag and wear accessories made of shells. Don’t forget your sunglasses.



Cowboy hats have  high rounded crow and a  wide flat brim  which were initially worn by ranch workers in North America. They have a simple sweat band on the inside to stabilize the fit of the head, and usually a small decorative hat band on the outside of the crown. Mostly found in beige, brown and black these hats as the name suggests are associated with a cowboy image.

This hat is perfect for a day in a farm or a ranch. One can pair it with any simple dress, preferably white. You can add some bead necklaces or bracelets to get the best out of this combination.



Also know as a Bowler hat, was traditionally paired  with a formal or a semi formal attire.  It was worn by the  upper class  in derbies  and so got it’s name. It is a felt hat that is round and hard with a narrow brim.

In past women used to wear derby hats with a gown. But it looks the best  when paired with a pant suit. Here, the olive green hat decorated with a brown belt is paired with a complete white pant suit to enhance the whole look.



Gatsby Cap also known as a newsboy cap was traditionally worn just by men. It has recently seen a resurgence as it has become popular with affluent women and fashion houses in the 2000s. For summer, many girls and women are choosing soft cotton options as the brim offers sun protection. In winter, wool blend baker boy hats are a popular option for those who want to wear a natural material.

The look created consists of a sky blue pant suit paired with a silk off white tank top, not to forget off white shoes. An off white cap is the best addition to the whole outfit. It not just complements but also blends well in the colour scheme.


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Visor cap is a type of crownless hat consisting simply of a visor or a brim, for say, with a strap encircling the head. The top of the head is not covered and the visor protects only the face, including eyes, nose, and cheeks, from the sun. This caps can get extremely stylish when made of straws. Primarily from the field of sports, these caps can increase your fashion quotient.

Here, the cap used has an extra large brim. It is paired with a peach flowy  jumpsuit. The black ribbon on the cap makes the cap more elegant.

capAll these hats are worth owning and will definitely spice up your daily look when paired precisely. Wear what defines  you and is a part of you. As it is rightly said  that the personality of the wearer makes a hat “a hat”.


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