“Your Body is a Reflection of your Lifestyle” – Producer Mayur Gharat

It is no secret that the Greek God of Bollywood, Hrithik Roshan is a fitness freak. He certainly has one of the most enchanting personalities in Bollywood and has an envious physique even at the age of 46. He says, “Fitness begins with initiative and continues with consistency. The six pack abs are a by-product of being healthy.”

Mayur Gharat

Now it may not be everyone’s goal to have six pack abs, but it certainly should be everyone’s goal to be healthy. It improves the overall quality of life. Taking an inspiration from actors Hrithik Roshan and Akshay Kumar’s fitness, Mayur has been devoted to his fitness journey. Mayur Gharat, a lifestyle and fitness influencer (Instagram @the_mayurrr), follows a combination of rigorous workout and a balanced diet. While many people prefer to hit the gym for workout, Mayur does a mix of working out at gym, martial arts, and boxing. Strength training and boxing being his favourites. “Your body is a reflection of your lifestyle,” said Mayur. He added, it is important to maintain physical and mental fitness, especially at a time like this. Instead of making excuses, you must leave your comfort zone to make progress. It’s like a therapy for him.

Mayur has modelled and shot for several brands internationally. Some of his notable work includes modelling for several Japanese brands and magazines. This gave him a lot of exposure and boosted his confidence, will power and the grit to make it. As the time passed, he was fascinated by the entire process of production. Eventually he tried his hand at producing. He is known for producing Marathi movie Shivamrut in addition to co-producing several others.

Mayur has also successfully made his mark in construction, petroleum, and hotel industry. Each of these sectors are very different from each other and this diverse experience has enriched his life skills. Despite a myriad of responsibilities, Mayur is very passionate about producing. Now Mayur is exploring some new ideas in films and web series. He feels the flexibility OTT gives to their viewers as well as the freedom they give to the production houses to showcase their uniqueness must be leveraged. “It is needless to say; the rise of OTT platforms has completely changed how content is consumed and developed. And at a time like this, OTT is the need of the hour and a silver lining. They are believed to be one of the best mediums for storytelling. Personally, I find this very interesting,” said Mayur.

The project Mayur is working on is still in the nascent stage. He has shortlisted some scripts for his upcoming web series. He is looking forward to working with some fresh and talented people from the industry and is yet to decide the star cast. He couldn’t share any further details of the project as he has kept it under the wraps for obvious reasons. The good-looking, young, multiskilled producer is extremely talented and hopes to excel in this industry.

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