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Zara is now into Beauty

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Zara, a fashion retail, specialized  into fast fashion which deals in clothing, accessories, shoes, swimwear and perfumes has now launched “Zara Beauty”. It officially  came into existence on May 12, 2021 after eighteen months of developmental work. Currently available in U.S, Europe, Canada, Mexico, China, Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand , is said to be the biggest makeup launch of 2021.

Zara tapped onto none other than, Diane Kendal who has a history of working with A- list celebrities like Kaia Gerber. “When Zara approached me to lead the creative direction of Zara Beauty, I saw an opportunity to make something that everyone would want to use,” says Kendall in a press release .“Zara has always reached such a diverse audience, and I wanted to bring that same big vision to beauty with a collection that is clean, refillable, and accessible to all. I am really proud of what we have created: an expansive array of consciously unique formulas for eyes, lips, face, and nails.”

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The new series is designed to serve people with different makeup needs. Whether, you like to go bold or normal, Zara is there for you. The collection consists of lip, face and eye offerings, nail polishes and brushes. All the products comply to EU standards so that Europeans could enjoy it at their free will.

It offers four different lipsticks- Ultimate Matte, the Cult Statin, the Stiletto Demi- Matte and Tinted Balm with fourteen, eight, ten, and five shades respectively. It also offers the Nourishing Jelly Lip Oil and Velvet Pigment Lip Gloss in four shades for pout.

Zara Beauty Launch

For eyes, Zara has come up with the Eye Colour in 6 Eyeshadow Palette, which comes in five colour schemes and the Eye Colour in 2 Eyeshadow Duo, which is available in nine different shade combinations. Additionally, it also offers a Metal Foil Loose Pigment that comes in four high-voltage metallic hues and one matte black liquid eyeliner.

For the face makeup, the brand has come out with a blush palette called the Cheek Colour in 3 Palette, as well as its Face Colour in 1 Bronzer, which is a powder formula that comes in nine different colors to suit all skin tones. There’s also Cheek Colour in 1 — a blush that comes in nine shades and last but not the least a powder Highlighter in two pearly hues.

Additionally, Zara has also come up with 39 nail polishes and 6 different brushes for face and eyes.

The new beauty series of Zara was appraised by many and was also tagged the  best high street beauty launch yet. Something worth owning.



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